Having a baby in Germany – Writing from my experience

If you are holding a working visa and working in Germany, you have some certain rights or benefits when expecting a baby.

  1. Mutterschutz: can be understood as “mother protection time”.

This period includes 6 weeks before your estimated due day, and 8 weeks after your deliver day. During this time, you will receive 100% your income after tax paid by your employer and by your health insurance.

In order to obtain the money, you must send the confirmation from your doctor on your due day 6 weeks before the due day to your health insurer.

2. Elternzeit: time that you are off from work to take care of your baby full time.

If both parents are working, you both could take in total up to 14 months of Elternzeit. Each person can take maximum 12 months and minimum 2 months or not taking any.

During this time you will receive depending on your salary from 60-67% of the average income before tax the year before Mutterschutz period this call Elterngeld.

If you wish to work during this time, if I am not mistaken, you are allow to work up to 30 hours/month and your Elterngeld will be deducted exactly the same amount that you earn.

In order to receive Elterngeld, you must submit application to Elterngeldstelle in your place. By googling Elterngeldstelle + your city, you will find the address. For example, in Hannover the Elterngeldstell is at:

Fachbereich Jugend u. Familie, Elterngeld
Ihmeplatz 5
30449 Hannover

Telefon: 05 11 / 1 68 – 46262
Fax: 05 11 / 1 68 – 48535
E-Mail: Elterngeld@Hannover-Stadt.de

Mo., Mi. u. Do. 8.30 – 11.00 Uhr, Di. 15.30 – 18.00 Uhr

3. There is also Elterngeld plus which mean you can take up to 24 months off and receive half of the Elterngeld for each month and you are allowed to work more during this time.

If you are not working, but you have insurance dependent on your husband, and your husband is working, you will receive 300 euro/month in one year after the birth of your child.

In term of healthcare:

1.At the beginning of your pregnancy, you could choose a doctor who likely will goes with you through your pregnancy and ofcourse the fee is paid by the insurer.

2. Your insurer also covers the fee for your “Gerburtsvorbereitungskurs” to prepare     yourself for the birth and also to have opportunity to meet other mothers-to-be, and the fee  for the “Rückbildung” course to recover after birth.Those courses could be found at       hospital or birth delivering facilities and held mostly by Midwife (Hebamme)

3. Hebamme (Midwife) who will help us/show us how to take care the baby after birth. I heard they should come often in during 2 weeks after the birth. It is better to find a              Hebamme in advance (3-6 months) before your due day. You can find Hebamme here:


Advice/financial supports:

In Germany if you are pregnant you could receive financial support depending on you financial situation, go to any advice office/beratungsstelle such as Caritas, or AWO, etc…they will support you to fill in and send the form as well as giving you tons of advice on pregnancy.

You could find those advice office at this website:


Please share your thoughts or question in the comment.

Have a nice weekend!


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